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Enabling Communities to Communicate Securely .Read more…


home_thumb_05Ministry of Defence

Commaci communications systems provide a secure, flexible Over The Horizon (OTH) messaging capability for diverse disadvantaged Air, Land or Maritime platforms. Complemented by quick into action deployable HQ’s
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United Nations

Our company is experienced in working with the United Nations
in the design and provision of end to end system architecture, currently being utilised worldwide in many diverse and challenging environments.   Read more…

Gas & Oil Industry

Prospecting companies often encounter challenging environs and climates. In these circumstances guaranteed communications is vital, with written messaging to ensure  essential non-repudiated clarification of meaning .  Read more…


In this modern world there is an absolute need for organisations and industries to seek Security Companies to protect them.  These Companies have a vital requirement to utilize their own secure, robust and reliable communications systems.   Read more