Commaci Solutions

International organisations, governments and their agencies face increasing demands on their networks characterised by five major drivers:

  1. Increasing volumes of data and information year on year;
  2. Limited local/regional infrastructure (power, telecommunications, facilities);
  3. Deployment of key mobile workers and/or highly manoeuvrable/high value assets;
  4. Protecting sensitive business data and information;
  5. Increasing requirement to inter-connect between different business systems, networks and domains;

To address these demands we work closely with our customers to understand their business processes and requirements, enabling us to deliver new capable business solutions. This has resulted in the development of the Commaci Data Exchange System (CoDES), a suite of products that can be selected, configured and integrated to meet specific requirements.

  • OUTREACH–A self contained information system, capable of rapid deployment in crisis situations or to austere environments (1-5 user versions);
  • NUCLEUS–Is the heart of the CoDES Service, it is a scalable, highly deployable secure system with a suite of applications and cost effective communications. It can be installed into most mobile assets and deployed anywhere in the world.(Supports 5-25 users);
  • ICESYS – Is  the anchor of the CoDES Service and has been designed to enable easy and secure integration of multiple platforms into current fixed enterprise level networks.
  • ITC(US) – Interconnection Translation Circuit (US)  This device enables users on different National networks to intercommunicate seamlessly between normally incompatible instant messaging systems.