Interconnection Translation Circuit (US) (ITCUS)

Commaci, with their partner company Isode, have  recently developed the ” ITC(US) device” “ITCUS” which overcomes an international interoperability requirement for which a solution is urgently needed..  There can be times when two groups of instant messaging users, for operational or business reasons,  need to work on a joint shared page.  At present, these two sets of users can be using different national systems with differing data formats and therefore cannot interoperate.  Now, however, with the development by Commaci of the ITCUS device, these users can share a joint instant messaging page with no change to their own system experience.

The use of this interconnection device will enable both business and military users a vital and evolutionary  way of working.  It will also ensure the rapid and secure information exchange at present denied by mainly historic data variances.   The use of the Commaci device will also prove  be a cost effective way of solving this difficult  interface issue, rather than changing large national systems. The device can be packaged to suit many different requirements, whether the interconnection is needed in a fixed or mobile environment. A support package is available for purchases of  ITCUS,s,  Self supporting maintenance arrangements can also be negotiated if required.

At present this interconnection device has concentrated on the urgent need to enable instant messaging between UK and US users on different national systems.  As other interconnection requirements develop and those requirements are articulated to Commaci and Isode, the two  companies can resolve other data interface issues.